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Construction and Home Improvement Market Research

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Close your eyes and visualize your local home center, filled with a plethora of items both big and small.  If it’s in the home center, chances are we’ve conducted qualitative research about it.

Doyle Research has extensive market research experience in the building and home improvement sector.  We have worked in cabinetry, valves, faucets, bathing systems, insulation, paint, and hardware.  We are knowledgeable about the aging in place movement and how buildings are being modified to safely accommodate a greying population.   We’re up to date on green building efforts and the complexities and challenges thereof.  We keep abreast of industry trends, which is critical to successful research design.  Once the improvements are made, we’ve even got expertise in home décor.  We have expertise researching fabric, furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and landscaping.

We attribute our success interviewing building professionals to our knowledge of the industry, our interest in participants’ perspectives, and our love of the category.  We have interviewed many, many building professionals; by our count, about a thousand plumbers, plus hundreds of builders, remodelers, painters and roofers.  We have interviewed interior designers, architects, and facility managers.  We have interviewed DIY-ers as well as “regular” homeowners.

While we offer a full range of innovative qualitative methods, we have found that much home improvement research still needs to be conducted in-person, particularly new product research in which there is a tactile element – often the participant needs to see a particular finish or touch the actual item being discussed.   For branding and initial concept ideas, however, a number of online methods work well and allow research to take place in multiple markets without travel, or to take place over time which facilitates iterative learning.

Past projects include the following:

  • Comprehensive Voice of the Customer profiles.
  • Traditional focus groups, and more innovative iterative sessions, in which messaging is developed and honed over the arc of several markets.
  • Hybrid qualitative/quantitative sessions in which we interviewed over several hundred participants – and had their product feedback tabulated – to obtain projectable results in addition to qualitative insights.
  • Interviews with participants in front of shelf sets to obtain reactions to merchandising, packaging and assortment.
  • Online bulletin boards with Renovators, Remodelers and Consumers to obtain product insight.
  • Interviews with Senior Executives from the manufacturing companies and home centers.

Some of our clients have included Arrow Fastener, Delta Faucet Company, PPG Industries, Neumann Homes, Masco Bath, DAP, Senco, Ace Hardware, Moen, Pergo and Waste Management.

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