Industries The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Healthcare Market Research

Doyle Research has provided qualitative market research services for a wide range of prominent healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations such as Allergan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Novartis and Vistakon.

Market Research for a Growing and Changing Industry

Not a day goes by without a story about healthcare in the United States being highlighted in a newspaper. But the news tells only part of the story.

With health insurance, all sectors – insurers, providers, employers and consumers – are seeking ways to reduce their health care costs without sacrificing quality health care. Consequently, there is a trend for health insurance companies, in partnership with providers and employers, to develop and promote health and wellness programs, preventative care and disease management programs.

With pharmaceutical companies, the challenge is to understand attitudes and behaviors among two distinctly different targets – consumers/patients and the medical community. There is a need to understand patient attitudes and behaviors in order to create compelling marketing materials and increase patient compliance. Among physicians, there is the need to understand their prescribing behaviors, and how they make treatment decisions, in order to create meaningful, targeted messaging.

Doyle Research Knows the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Markets

Doyle Research has utilized a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods to help clients achieve their research objectives including:

Each study is custom designed to help health insurance and pharmaceutical companies determine how to improve customer satisfaction, design or refine health care plans, develop marketing communications, assess screening practices, and evaluate their sales practices.

Case Study

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market Research Case Study




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