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The ABCs of QSRs

When it comes to Quick Service Restaurants, the devil is in the details. Margins are small. Volume is large. The key to the whole thing is successful execution of a fantastic customer experience.

Qualitative research will help get you there. Doyle Research has extensive market research experience in the food service industry. We’ve talked to fast food customers, lunch ladies, franchisees, food service operators and managers, distributors, restaurant owners, chefs, servers, and online food merchants. If it’s related to food service, we’ve done it! We keep abreast of industry trends, such as the development of automated tableside ordering; and we attend industry conferences- all so that we can provide our clients with the right research design for the richest insights.

We’ve worked on everything from menu ideation and design to ad research, dine-arounds to customer satisfaction, food development to taste testing. We’ve explored the customer-server relationship, drive thru experiences, brand perceptions, vending machine interfaces, and seating configurations.

We utilize both traditional and innovative methods to help our clients achieve their research objectives. Especially useful to our clients in the food service industry have been our ShopTalk® methods – accompanied in-restaurant shopalongs as well as mobile shopalongs for “in the moment” insights.

Over the years, our clients have included PepsiCo Foodservice, Sara Lee Foodservice, Windsor Foods, Dean’s of Scotland, McDonald’s, Aramark, Taco Bell, Amazon,, Brinker, Subway, Pizza Hut, Denny’s, and Starbucks.

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Food Service Case Studies


 Food Service Qualitative Research
 Food Service Qualitative Research
Food Service Market Research
Qualitative Research Food Service
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 Food Service Qualitative Research


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