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Nowadays, education is an industry instead of an ivory tower. Budgets are tightening. Competition for students is fierce. In this environment, it’s critical to understand the needs of today’s current and prospective students, educators and alumni to ensure smarter business decisions.

At Doyle Research Associates, our thinking caps are on. We know education. For over ten years, we have conducted qualitative research studies for various academic institutions, educators and companies that support the education industry. We’ve provided insight and helped our clients develop strategies for a wide range of topics. Studies have included:

  • The college search and selection process
  • Qualitative Segmentation: In-depth need/state profiling of prospective students
  • Student, faculty and staff satisfaction
  • Curriculum, study guide and test-prep development
  • Positioning and branding of academic institutions and degree programs
  • Marketing communications and recruiting materials
  • The textbook evaluation and adoption process
  • Alumni outreach and programming
  • Dorm interior décor items
  • Back-to-school shopping process and triggers
  • Fundraising

With advances in social media and technology, it’s now easier than ever to research students and educators. Methods that work well in uncovering key insights for our clients include:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews (parent/student interviews)
  • Bulletin Board discussions
  • Webcam mini-group discussions/in-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic or on-site research (in cafeterias, dorms, bookstores, libraries, etc.)
  • Mobile/video diaries.

Some of our clients have included DeVry, Illinois State University, and Follett.

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