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Qualitative research started with the consumer packaged goods industry.  And, having been in the business 25 years, we have been part of its growth and maturity.  We are proud of our many long-standing partnerships with some of the nation’s best-known CPG firms including General Mills, S.C. Johnson, Sara Lee, Pepsi, World Kitchen, Neutrogena and LEGO.

We design smart studies, the results of which enable our clients to successfully launch, position, package, and expand the market for their products.  Savvy research design ensures that we are talking to the right people in the best possible way – whether it be through an online community, their mobile phones, at a store, at home, or at a facility.  What we have seen over time is a paradigm shift between the researcher and the research participant.  Whereas they used to come to us, it is now a two way street.  We still do facility-based in-person focus groups and in-depth-interviews, particularly for in-depth, nuanced probing.  However, increasingly we interview participants where they live – or where they shop.   Sophisticated, targeted recruitment yields vested, impassioned users who care about and use the product(s) in question.   Experienced, strategic moderation and analysis uncovers rich insights.

We have guided new product development, marketing strategies, packaging concepts and advertising in a variety of specialty areas, including personal and home care, food and beverages, toys and games, and pet care. What we have found in product development is that participants don’t know what they don’t know.  We make sense of it all – which enables our clients to optimize positioning, messaging and advertising, and truly understand what makes today’s consumers tick.

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