Boomers/Seniors Industries The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Boomer (and Senior) Power: is 70 the new 50?

There are more than 92 million persons over the age of 45 still in the workforce, and their numbers are growing as the impact of the Great Recession extends the planned retirement age. You cannot ignore the will—or the purchase power—of this “Mature Market”.

We recognize that the Mature Market is not one homogenous group and we’ve made it a point to get to know them. Leading Edge Boomers (1946 – 55) or young seniors are more apt to be empty nesters, may have lost one or both parents, and are preparing to retire or start a second career. Late or Trailing-Edge Boomers (1956 – 64) are more apt to be at the height of their careers and have children still in school and living at home. The Silent Generation (1925 – 1945), who were born during The Great Depression and World War II, consists of middle seniors (65-79) who tend to be more active and healthy than their older counterparts and enjoying retirement while older seniors (80+) are apt to be more isolated due to ill health, loss of a spouse or other debilitating life events.

Boomers and Seniors, due to their sheer numbers, are continuing to drive trends and demands for new products and services that meet their transitional needs from their 50’s to their 60’s and into their 70’s! Their desire to stay healthy and active for as long as possible is redefining aging in our culture and is fostering the creation of new products, technologies and industries.

At Doyle Research, we have utilized a variety of research methods to obtain insights from both Boomers and Seniors including in-person focus groups, in-home interviews, phone interviews, online interviews, online video diaries, and online bulletin board groups.

Industries we have served include:

  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Anti-aging
  • Age-adaptive technologies
  • Retirement housing
  • Automotive
  • Packaged goods
  • Financial services

DRA knows how to connect with Boomers and Seniors, including how to optimize the research experience for them to enable their full and candid participation. Especially among Seniors, we consider visual or auditory needs, transportation assistance, pacing of research interviews and groups, and mobility. In short, we know how to recognize and accommodate for the unique needs of this market.

A partial list of clients who have benefited from our Mature Market expertise include: AARP, Allergan, Beano, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Mills, Humana, National Committee to Preserve Medicare and Medicaid, Masco Corporation, and Sara Lee.

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