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Baby Can You Drive My Car?

Want to understand  automotive?  Put Doyle Research in the driver’s seat.  With extensive automotive experience, plus a deep understanding of the customer journey in a variety of categories and contexts, we have the industry know-how and strategic smarts needed to get the job done.

Doyle Research has conducted cutting-edge qualitative research to enhance automotive design, explore decision-making, optimize messaging and understand the vehicle dealership experience.  We’ve talked to dealers, vehicle owners, new car buyers in all stages of the consideration journey, lessees;  parents, seniors, and new drivers.  We have interviewed people in-vehicle, on-site, at the dealership, in-home, and online.

Following are sample projects:

  • A multi-modal deep dive of in-home ethnographies, dealership shopalongs, online webcam interviews and geo-located dealership intercepts to understand and enhance the process of buying a car.
  • Qualitative deep dives for trucks, SUV/CUV’s, Minivans, Small-Midsize vehicles
  • New product development—from idea generation through concept evaluation
  • In-home, in-vehicle and rest stop intercepts for storage solutions
  • NAIAS trend research
  • Day-in-the-Life profiles of various consumer segments
  • Understanding mobile device usage in the auto consideration and purchase journey
  • Messaging testing among dealership internet salespeople.

Our clients have included Johnson Controls (for a broad range of OEMs),, and DrivingSales.


Case Study:  Kicking the Tires.  Presented at the North American IIeX Conference, June 2015

Article: Baby You Can Drive My Car.  MRA Alert Magazine, December 2015



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