Industries Industries The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods


As qualitative specialists, our skills are transferable across a broad range of industries and consumer segments.  We have insatiable curiosity, and our interests run the gamut.  We’ve interviewed people about breakfast, tricycles, bath safety, office furniture, health insurance, trash disposal, sunscreen, washing machines, facial fillers, anti-smoking campaigns … even caulk!  Companies include General Mills, Meijer, Pepsico, Centers for Disease Control, Moen, Humana, Allergan and many more.

That being said, we have particular strengths in several key areas:

We encourage you to take a look at a sampling of projects and case studies in the links above.

“Traditional pharma moderators simply don’t provide the same perspective that you do. You have that niche of ‘interesting projects.’

Marketing Research Manager | Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Chicago Qualitative Research

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