Geo-Storiessm are real-time geo-validated phone interviews conducted at the moment of product experience. Traditional qualitative research methods simulate the point of purchase. Geo-Storiessm uses the latest in mobile technology to intercept people on the go and understand their actual, unfiltered behaviour. This method provides tremendous benefits in terms of understanding the authentic shopper experience. It’s the real deal.

Geo-StoriesPanel participants are notified of a survey while at a specified location. They then fill out a screening survey via their mobile device. Qualified participants participate in a phone interview, then and there, on the spot. This method lets us talk to the people we want to reach, when and where their feedback is most critical. The takeaway? A compelling story, replete with audio and visuals, explaining the consumer experience.

The list of real-life applications for this method is endless.  Here are several:  

  • “Buy American”-oriented shoppers at the car dealership, while shopping for vehicles
  • Moviegoers, about the latest blockbuster, right after the credits roll
  • Customer satisfaction, from fast food patrons who just finished eating
  • Bath remodelers at a home center, in the faucet aisle at the point of purchase

In a typical Geo-Storiessm project, 15-20 qualitative interviews are conducted with a target strata of consumers.  A minimum of 30% incidence is required.  Interviewing takes 1-2 days, depending on incidence and the number of locations triggered.

Case Study

“Doyle Research is truly passionate about in-home and shop-a-long research. A combination of thoughtful planning and excellent moderating has allowed our teams to uncover deep insights that have guided us in package development, brand positioning, and communication.”

Associate Consumer Insights Manager | PepsiCo

Chicago Qualitative Research