Nan Burgess-Whitman

Nan’s natural curiosity and passion for understanding people’s motivations has made her a successful qualitative researcher for over 20 years. Nan prides herself on being a dynamic interviewer and focus group moderator, who will expertly uncover the “why “, as well as the “what now”, behind every business question. Her work spans every age category, including infants and special needs populations.

Nan is experienced in both in-person(focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic interviews) and online qualitative methods. She is certified by RIVA (Research In Values and Attitudes) as a master focus group moderator/interviewer, and holds advanced degrees in both psychology and education. Nan comes from a college-level teaching background in communications and personal development.

Nan’s project work has included durables, consumer packaged goods, IT and non-profit organizations. When she isn’t busy being curious about your product you can find Nan painting an award-winning landscape and taking pictures.

“Kathy’s qualitative researchers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with them on complex projects. I could count on my clients being very satisfied with the results, and the partnership worked seamlessly.”

Operations Director | Smith Dahmer

Online Chicago Qualitative Research