Carole Schmidt, Vice President

Qualitative Research Strategist

If it’s creative and strategic thinking you’re looking for, get Carole involved. She’s a passionate champion for tapping your “voice-of-the-customer” early in the product development process. But don’t just look for her in the focus group room. Carole will meet your customers on their terms and where they operate–discussing document software online, studying operations control at a data center, observing morning coffee behaviors at 5am. She still finds us humans (and all our weird behaviors) fascinating! As for project execution, Carole always delivers 110%; she’ll ensure that you have the tools you need to put your research insights to work. Her commitment to excellence has earned her many long-term clients and some of the most challenging research assignments which she faces with her contagious smile and a “let’s make it happen” mantra. Despite being well-educated at NIU, politics drew Carole into this crazy business, a “gut feel” that’s led to continued education (DePaul University’s Kelstadt Center), skill refinement (QRCA, PDMA, Creative Education Foundation), lecturing (NU’s Kellogg School) and working toward her New Product Development Professional certification.

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“Kathy’s qualitative researchers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with them on complex projects. I could count on my clients being very satisfied with the results, and the partnership worked seamlessly.”

Operations Director | Smith Dahmer

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