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The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

About Us

There is something to be said for clarity of vision. We have spent 30+ years defining who we are as a company, and what we provide as a partner to our clients. What we provide is the very best qualitative research.  What you get are strategic insights.

Whether it’s online ethnography, social media analysis, or mobile research, we value the exploration of new methods and as part of the 20|20 Research family, we have a variety of innovative approaches at our disposal; that’s why we pay our researchers to lead, not follow. If there’s a resource that has the potential to help our clients better understand their market, we are out in front, using new technology, assessing our findings, and implementing best practices to ensure the best results, every time.

And don’t think we neglect the tried and true, traditional methods such as focus groups and IDIs.  We bring innovative projective exercise, creative homework assignments, and above all moderating excellence to each and every project.  What do you get from our diligence and dedication?  Peace of mind.





“Doyle Research…brings a level of enthusiasm and professionalism to each and every project and is willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to get things done.”

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