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Can You Save Money by Conducting Your Research Online?

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by doyle

There is a perception among clients that online research is cheaper to conduct than in-person research. Is this really true? The answer is “yes and no”. Let us explain…

Both online and in-person research studies include all of the same cost components: recruiting, incentives, moderating, report, and location fee (what you save on facility costs is spent on software licensing). So comparing an in-person group to an online group, the costs are about the same. Where the savings come in is twofold:

  1. Travel costs (no explanation needed)
  2. Study design

The true research cost-savings come into play in study design. Let’s say, for example, that you want to conduct research in 3 different regions of the country. With in-person research, you must travel to each of the 3 regions, and conduct a minimum of 2 groups per market (you should never rely on a single group), for a total of 6 groups in order to achieve your research objectives. With online research, each group can be recruited to include a regional mix. So you may be able to conduct only 2-3 groups in order to achieve your research objectives. And therein lies the savings. Six in-person groups compared to only 3 online groups saves you almost 50% while still achieving your objectives.

So, are online groups less expensive than in-person groups? It depends!

Qualitative Storytelling

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by doyle

For years, moderators have asked research participants to tell us stories about their relationships with brands, product usage occasions or a memorable shopping excursion.  Their stories are engaging, they bring us along on their journeys, and they inspire us.   Now it’s our turn to engage our clients, tell them the stories gleaned from research, and inspire them to action.

Why now?

  •  They don’t have the time, or the inclination, to dig through mountains of data looking for stories.  That’s our job.
  •  Our stories help marketers better understand the insights behind the data we are presenting, allowing them to make smarter business decisions
  • Research stories help client teams understand the direction their business is moving
  • Marketers need our research stories to help them craft their brand story, and get their customers talking about their brand
  •  Stories can strike an emotional chord and motivate people to change their behaviors.

Starting with the end may be the best place to start your story.  At Doyle, we ask our clients, at the onset of a project, to share with us the broader business challenges that need to be addressed.   We then tailor the research design and craft projective exercises to help consumers provide us with the insights needed for rich character development.  Their consumer experiences reveal the storylines needed to understand them, their relationship with the brand, product or category, and the product conflict.  As researchers and storytellers, we then distill the insights from the data, retell the story to our clients and provide them with recommendations on how their products can be the heroes that save the day.